How I take care of my jewelry | Best Jewelry Cleaning Guide 2019

How to take care jewelry
How to take care jewelry

Jewelry ornaments not only make a woman (also men) attractive but it empowered her social value too. Though many people wear ornaments to let others know his or her financial status. So the bright outlook is essential to them. However, is it only necessary for them? Jewelry is mean a lot to me especially my personal diamonds ring collection. I always take care of my ornaments, so the outlook of my silver doesn’t seem decree and remains as shiny as purchasing time.

How to take care of your jewelry

Now I am telling How I care for my jewelry. You know, nowadays jewelry cleaning machine is available, and their price is also not too much. So you can use an ultrasonic cleaner or steam cleaner to clean heavy tarnish from the diamond, gold, silver metals. However, usually, I don’t use an electronic device. Where I use the cleaning machine will write in the bottom part of the article. Now let’s have a view of some basic but very much effective formula I follow.

1. Secure Setting of Valuable Stone

Actually why jewelry lose it bright outlook? In most of the time, ornaments lose a bright perspective or misplace valuable stones. Generally, stones misplace during washing time. So how you clean it, make sure the secure setting of it. Have a look at the entire stones on it. I do it every time before starting the cleaning process. Stone is the main elements. So be careful on this issue.

2. Use of Soft Cloth

When I use the home remedy to clean ornaments, I use a soft and damp cloth. Why I do that? If you use the rough fabric to mop over your ring or others, it may have scratched over. It will look horrible. You should also check dazzling and dirt over your precious stones.

3. Mopping The Cleaned Jewelry

In the initial stage, I mop the jewelry using warm water, sop, and a soft cloth. You can use a jewelry cleaning solution, but in the primary step, I found it useful enough. You can also use the soft brush over the cloth. It is a straightforward procedure. Take a bowl of warm water and put your dirt ornaments and mild soap or liquid detergent or cleaning solution and mop it softly. You will see it is shining as new ornaments. If it doesn’t work for you, follow the next step.

4. Using Ammonia

Ammonia with warm water can be useful to remove tarnish over your ornaments. Mop smoothly to remove dirt and tarnish. After complete, the process washes your jewelry completely.

Personal jewelry cleaner over professional service

In the initial stage, this policy works well. However, sometimes we need to take professional service. It required when these general procedures don’t work enough. However, professional service is expensive. Usually, I don’t take professional service because I have professional cleaners. Professional jewelers use an ultrasonic device or steam device to clean any kinds of tarnish or spot.

What I Use?

I have a Bogue system and Magnasonic jewelry cleaner. Here you can check for best jewelry cleaning machine and can get any ultrasonic cleaner device, or you can choose steam jewelry cleaner. If you own a cleaning device, you don’t need to take professional service, and you can care for your every precious ornament at your home. Moreover, you can use a jewelry cleaning solution to gain a better result within a short period.

Jewelry is not only a fashion accessory; sometimes it is part of history and a sign of love. Every human being especially women love beautiful and precious metals. The value of jewelry increase with time if we can take care of it.


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